Writer’s corner on Wednesday: Eyes on the Prize

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Eyes on the price… it is all about me!

The finish line seems really far and the turtle is very tempted to give up

One pause… Trying to catch his breath, Turtle looks at the finish line…

Turtle can hear cheers…

You can do it… You are a good person, nothing is impossible… Stay strong, we have come too far on the road to give up… I will be waiting for you right here…keep fighting…

Imagine you were walking in the desert, the sun seems like right above your head and you seem to be in an oven and all of a sudden, rain… a really cold rain falls on you… That is exactly how turtle felt… The much-unexpected strength that a cold rain could bring in you in the middle of the desert, those words empowered Turtle so much, he felt like he could fly and those words just keep reaching his ears like the sweet sound of the rain in the desert.

We believe in you and look at us; we will open many other doors to you on this side so keep walking…”

Turtle looks at his bleeding hands, he feels the pain on his back but all that was nothing compared to the heavy luggage on his back, all the expectations he had to fulfill. Turtle was humble, never really went to church or did the five prayers but fervently believed in God and constantly talked to him. Turtle learned the hard way that real generosity was rare and he owes respect to anyone that offered a helping hand. Living a modest life, Turtle never had the means to thank all the kind hearts that helped him out of the dark and lousy life he was leading, this was his chance to thank every soul that believed in him. All he shared with these people were dreams, hours of discussions, lifetime experiences and maybe just handshakes. BUT they see what he is trying to convince himself he has within. They feel and show him what he has been looking for so long in Mr. and Mrs. Turtle’s eyes.  Turtle, because of his beliefs, had to find a way to thank them for their faith in him…Yes he owes them that one thing: reaching the finish line.

If you were wondering what Turtle was reaching for…This is not a competition. It is a race for a happier life, it does not matter how long it takes. What matters is all he has learned along the way and the price is him reaching the finish line the right and successful way. Moving on to higher places and Turtle is ready for greater adventures and happier days with true meaning of freedom and happiness. Few competitors joined Turtle on his way.

Looser, I knew I will catch up on you… damn you are so slow… trying to do extra stuff huh and being famous huh? Who is laughing now? Geek…” and the most hurtful of all Mr. and Mrs. Turtle: “ Even the smallest animal in town, the aunt is already at the finish line and progressing, you are such an embarrassment… why are you so stupid, before you help people you have to help yourself first and you are not doing that… God what was our mistakes?”

Turtle is hurt, hurt so bad, he can’t even look at his bleeding hand anymore because his eyes could not stop washing his face with tears; he was so much in pain that he could not hear any of the cheers he was hearing before… Turtle now reached the finish line… he got his degree, shake the hand of the president and walked down the stairs. On one side were the cheering group of people, on the other side were Mr. and Mrs. Turtle, Turtle’s friends. The dilemma is not that simple, who to turn to and who to hug first… Why divide them? Just the sight of the shame on their faces was the best reward ever for Turtle… The haters got served and the good people are happy so Turtle stayed in the middle and opened his arms really wide, may the ones who can rejoice with him join him because today… TODAY! It is all about me… It is my day to shine and no negative thoughts or sad and painful past is going to ruin MY DAY… I got my eyes on the price and it is all about me…

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I am a modest human being, currently living in New York. I am a dreamer, I love everything about life. I express myself through writing so I hope you find something that you can relate to. We can all express ourselves as long as we remain respectful.
Thank you.​

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