Motivation Monday: Taking that first step

Hi everyone!

Thank you for stopping by. It’s Monday and there is always that love and hate relationship that I have with Monday. I have a Monday to Friday work week so Monday feels like the time for new beginnings when I am looking forward to getting things done. But on other days, Monday feels like the end to my freedom lol! Dramatic I know but I cannot sleep until 8 AM on Mondays because I have got to get to work 😦 see where my freedom ends?

Anyway here is the quote for the week.

Found Here
Found Here

Deep huh?

I have had my share of highs and lows and sometimes I am amazed at how determined and strong I am. I want to be a doctor. It has been a dream now for as long as I can remember. But College is not cheap. It was easy to get my Associate’s degree. Then it hit me, HARD when I was getting my Bachelor’s. Upon graduation, I promised myself that I needed a break. A break to rest mentally, a break to gain experience, a break to… And the reasons kept coming.

Found Here
Found Here

yep! I wish I kept going upon graduation because now I find myself with even more responsibilities that make it hard for me to go back to school.

Anyway! After many acceptances and procrastination, I decided to settle for a school. And of course since I made my decision, fear has been knocking on my door and I find myself listing all the reasons why I should forget my dreams and go for an easier route…

Have you faced something like this? How do you face your fears?

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I am a modest human being, currently living in New York. I am a dreamer, I love everything about life. I express myself through writing so I hope you find something that you can relate to. We can all express ourselves as long as we remain respectful.
Thank you.​

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