Writer’s corner: Life is Funny

You grow up,
surrounded by people,
that you love and care for
You can make anything possible
To make them proud
But they are never satisfied
You just can’t dump them
They are your blood and your flesh

Then you go out there
In the real world where
You meet people
People you have never done a favor to
But they care more than you want them to
You end up calling them family
You wish you loved them more than you could
But you choose family over them
You dump them as if they were garbage

Life is funny,
Some people spend all night praying
They know all about God and his messengers
But they aren’t able to give a hand to a helpless
They don’t even know how to wipe tears
But they call themselves God’s children
At the same time, these people have never been to church
But God! Do they have a good heart!
They just live day by day
challenging life step by step
No one to call on for support but they have so much love
For God’s one big family
Ain’t it funny? I swear, life is funny.

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I am a modest human being, currently living in New York. I am a dreamer, I love everything about life. I express myself through writing so I hope you find something that you can relate to. We can all express ourselves as long as we remain respectful.
Thank you.​

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