Soulful Sunday: On the topic of Fear ( the series)

I spent a big part of my life being fearful. I did not want to disgrace my parents so I avoided trouble, I did not allow myself to even have a crush until I was like 17 and even then, I did not act on it event though the feelings were mutual. For my case, it could be fear or low self-esteem or both. Either way, I missed out on a lot of fun growing up and fear can be a real handicap. I want to share my experience hoping that it will inspire people to face fear… Today I will share my experience with fear in my career choices.


Growing up, I made my decision quite early that I wanted to become a medical doctor and I was pretty focused until about my second year of college. I was working multiple jobs and going to school full time. I was looking at, at least, 2 more years of school before I can even be remotely close to medical school, medical school is expensive… You see where I am going? The “what ifs” and “you cannot” started populating my mind. I became depressed but I still loved school so I found the perfect solution, get my bachelor’s degree, finally get a real job and then get back on track.

I went for a field that I really enjoyed, but it did not get me any closer to achieving my goals. Even though I took medically related courses, they do not fulfill medical school requirements.

So basically, here I am 8 years into my journey, and I have to start all over. Yes! Start all over again because after trying really hard to convince myself that I can be successful in any other field I choose, I find myself going back to point A: I want to be a medical doctor. I am scared, I do not know how I will be able to afford going to medical school, but I guess I won’t know until I have tried right?

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I am a modest human being, currently living in New York. I am a dreamer, I love everything about life. I express myself through writing so I hope you find something that you can relate to. We can all express ourselves as long as we remain respectful.
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